June 11, 2020



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Few words about us

ABA(Artistic Booster Academy)

Few words about us

ABA(Artistic Booster Academy)

Artistic Booster Academy (ABA) – a comic cultural connection for distinct people

Belgium has played a pivotal role in developing Europe’s comic book culture. ABA is a Brussels registered (2018) social enterprise. We aim to promote culture and especially comic artists throughout Belgium. Comic book enthusiasts visit book shops and fairs in search of historically significant treasures, in French, Dutch and sometimes English. There are also many prominent and emerging artists creating comics for a contemporary audience.

In the years ahead, we shall forge a strong partnership with comic book creators and sellers to revive this art. We want to raise the visibility of the comic book scene in Belgium. We want to keep alive this aspect of our history.

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    Address:ABA Academy, Rue Coenraets, 721060 Bruxelles Michèle: +32 496 57 12 80 E-mail: Olivier: +32 493 98 01 32 E-mail: